The easiest photo session you'll ever do. Promise.

No more arguing with your spouse over what shade of green everyone's wearing.


No more bribing the kids to sit still and pretend they like each other for 10 freaking seconds OR I SWEAR I'M TAKING AWAY ALL THE NICE THINGS FOREVER SO HELP ME GOD.

You get to be yourselves. Embrace just who you are -- in all your wild, messy, beautiful glory.

So what's

a family

storytelling session?

It's unposed, authentic, real. You'll look back on the images in 5, 10, 20 years from now and feel like you were right back there again — reliving the longest, hardest, shortest, best time of your life.


I'll become a member of your family from an hour to a full day and we'll all act like ourselves — it's really that simple!


Whatever it is you normally do together — hike, play board games, make pancakes, have dance parties, build forts, grocery shop — we'll do it. I'll just so happen to have my camera along for the ride, capturing things documentary-style.

Oh, hi! I’m Amanda by the way.

I’m the mama of two sticky, half- naked small humans who can ransack my house in the time it takes to brew a double shot of espresso.

I was a journalist at CNN for nearly a decade before motherhood completely rocked my world.

The dog now does the mopping around here so I have a few more minutes to edit before face-planting next to my husband in bed, where we watch cute home videos of our little monsters sweet children instead of sleeping.

When I’m not busy wiping butts and complaining about laundry, I’m telling the stories of real families — like yours.

So are you ready to stop pretending you look like the family that came with the picture frame? Yes!? Sweet! Let's do this!

Here's what YOU'LL do next:


Fill out the form below and tell me a little bit about your family.


We'll hop on the phone to chat about your session. You'll pay a deposit to book your date (session fees start at $375).



I'll send a worksheet to help you think about the things we should capture together.


We'll have the shoot! Once your images are ready, we'll plan a date for your ordering session.


Say hello.

Based in Atlanta, GA. Available for travel.

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